Easy Video Producer is so easy to use.

Duration:02:11 min
Added:July 29 2010
Author:Reg Whelan
Recorded through Easy Video Producer Just accept. A screen will come up with a record button on the bottom left. Click record and you're away. When you finished what you wanted to say just click the record button again to stop the recording. You will then be able to press play to see your video. If you are happy press the save button. If not then just start over. when you have saved your video you will be able to click on the my videos label on your page. Your video will come up. Since we a working with our own blog as the easiest way of getting fresh content on our blogs select the edit option . There is a self explanatory form to complete and then on the right find the embedding code and copy the HTML to your clipboard. You then swap to your blog editing page, select html instead of visual and paste your new code at the top of the page or where ever you want it in the page. When you have finished your blog post publish it and your Video will show in your blog. Wow. How easy is that. Oh! I can assure you that it is easier than doing the same thing on your desktop and converting the file and then uploading it to your website. This has been Reg Whelan Thank you for taking the time to vsit my Blog.
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