Welcoming statement by Founder and CEO, CJ Investiment

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Added:August 09 2022
Author:Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
He informed the gathering that on 20 June 2021, C J Investments Pty Ltd signed an MoU with Entrepreneurs Development Circles of Zambia provides business development services that motivate beneficiaries and facilitators. As a strategic partner of choice, he was committed to contributing to Zambia's entrepreneurship development. He then provided a bit of detail about the entrepreneurship development programme that they jointly implement. He said that the programme aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mind among the Zambian people and the world for Job and wealth creation. He further stated that the programme sought to augment the government's efforts in actualizing the vision 2030 as articulated in the 8th National Development and subsidiary plans of making Zambia a Prosperous and Poverty-free Society with sustainable employment opportunities that guarantee wealth for its people. He further explained that the entrepreneurship development programme they were implementing was holistic in nature and design, standing on the following five differentiation pillars: a) Knowledge and Skills Acquisition; through training in entrepreneurship and small business management: b) Mentorship/Coaching; through community workshops and monthly meetings. c) Skills development; through industrial attachment and product marketing and selling d) Enterprise Development; through company incorporation and funding.' e) Solidarity and Networking; through a network of national entrepreneurship club members. He then stated that since 2020, they had been working hard on developing the e-learning platform with the help of their Indian partners, which was one of the learning tools available to them. This platform would be their educational resource of weekly series of the audio program, downloadable copies of course materials, motivational videos and mentoring sessions with him and other Professionals. He encouraged members not to be intimidated by the learning materials, even if their literacy levels could be low. What was very cardinal was passion, commitment and patience. He further stated that their fellow group members and district programme facilitator, including external visiting consultants, programme mentors and coaches, would be available to help them understand all entrepreneurship and small business management 12 training contents. He encouraged them to remain steadfast and committed to the end of the 12-month pathway to enjoy all the programme benefits and ultimately own businesses. Those virtues would enable them to successfully fulfil the programme's demands and enjoy the ultimate benefit of owning a company. They would learn how to turn their ideas into a sustainable Profit Stream that they could use to pay off debt, build savings, replace their income, fund their cash flow bank, create a better lifestyle, and reach Economic Independence!
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