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Added:July 21 2022
Author:Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
Beneficiary Welcoming Statement Speech The guest of honour – Nyimba District Commissioner Mr Paul Daka, his royal highness - chief Ndake, EDC board chairperson – Dr Lewis Jere, EDC – Chief Executive Officer - Mr Steward Makanse and his team, District Education Board Secretary – Mr Neboard Nkholomona, District Agricultural Coordinator – Mr Robby Msendo, District Cooperative Officer – Mr George C. Moonga, EDC – Nyimba District Programme Facilitator - Mr Mathews Banda, programme beneficiaries from various entrepreneurship clubs to be inducted today, all invited guests, our colleagues from the media, ladies and gentlemen. Let me begin by talking about myself and CJ Investment where I'm the founder and CEO— My name is Charles Kaluwasha, and I was born and educated in the Zambezi District, North Western Province of Zambia. I am the fourth born out of eight siblings. One of our sisters is the mother of His Royal Highness Chief Ishindi of The Lunda people in Zambezi East. After secondary school, I started working as a workman at Mufulira Mines. In 1986 I applied for nursing and became one of the first six male nurses at Mufulira School of Nursing. In 1989 I graduated and was posted to work at Kalulushi mine hospital as Nursing Officer. Then mines were privatized, and the owners did not absorb hospitals and staff. I was transferred to the Chambishi Cobalt mine, which later was sold to a South African company called AVIMIN. They were not kin to keep health workers. I started finding some options for a brighter future for my family. I applied to study overseas. To make my dream to study abroad a reality while providing income for my family to survive, I applied three solutions: 1)open a drug store in my town in Kalulushi, 2)buy a small farm to grow vegetables that would be sold at the local market, 3)And keep chickens to sell. After being able to move to New Zealand, I worked hard as a student and then as a full-time nurse while taking courses to get additional degrees climbed the ladder and sent money to my family, who stayed in Zambia. I graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington with a Masters Degree in Clinical Nursing in 2013. My research credentials and leadership are outstanding and will strongly support the further development of our research strengths in entrepreneurship and small business skills. I am known for the development of entrepreneur and marketing models of the e-Learning platform and my collaborative work with fellow marketers, entrepreneurs, and the real estate industry internationally. I have a huge amount to offer our combined organization. I am a skilled mentor at University of Wellington (and intends to continue mentoring students and beneficiaries after we launch this program in many districts) with a strong track record in entrepreneurship leadership and in leading initiatives to support and evolve the student/clients experience to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world. My values align closely with those of our combined EDC/CJI. I share EDC commitment to ensuring that our high-quality research and teaching are relevant to and trusted by the communities we serve and that the organization play a key role in being a critic and conscience of society. I have a strong commitment to the principles of SMEs. I also have a track record of support and advocacy for the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion, which will be hugely valuable to EDC/CJI as we deliver on our commitment to being a global-civic organization with our human capital development at heart. My dream to reunite the family eventually came true. On 5 December 2005 my wife and four children joined me in New Zealand. My fellow Africans jokingly said, "Charles has brought a container of children" I worked hard to integrate them into New Zealand culture and school systems. Today I am proud that they are self-responsively managing their lives. My strong mindset, determination, hard work, willingness to gain more knowledge, and association with positive and successful people made this possible. From there on, I kept being open to new ideas that moved me up to Australia and started real estate investing. After more than three decades as a clinical nurse, I pivoted to a new career and dedicated more efforts to real estate entrepreneurship. I developed two investment units in Melbourne worth $1.4m and a Gold Coast townhouse worth $400,000. I am an example to so many people in the Diaspora community and for showing them that whatever their conditions, they can make their dreams a reality if they adopt the right mindset and take the right actions. EDC/CJI Partnership On 12 April 2021, Our paths cross-crossed each other with Steward Makanse, the CEO of Entrepreneur Development Circles(EDC), thanks to an article I published on LinkedIn about launching my book "Bringing value Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy," Steward Makanse tracked down my WhatsApp number and replied, "I think the book title fits well with the programme we are about to start implementing in schools". "It's about Entrepreneurship Development for Job and wealth creation. It is intended to provoke entrepreneurial minds among the school-going youths and provide an alternative career pathway as future professional entrepreneurs instead of searching for employment that is not even available." "We want to encourage you to use your knowledge, expertise, experience and abilities to support our young people as a company member of the programme. The programme will be established in schools and districts and be implemented through entrepreneurship clubs, where members will be trained in entrepreneurship and small business management." I was blown away and promptly agreed upon and continued communicating to each other for two months until I decided to support the program as a strategic partner. It is an honour to be invited to contribute to this calling and share my knowledge and expertise with the Zambian People and the world. We have implemented new technology to share vital and digestible information with everyone. These techniques and skills are not available anywhere else. Many companies use the old type of book approach from an ancient era. They're only a lot slower. And a lot less useful in our technically highly connected and socially driven global involvement. Research teaches us that if you want to successfully use the current methods and new tools to maximize your leverage in the modern era as an entrepreneur, you must radically rethink your approach. Fortunately, Steward and I have discovered the ultimate way to physically and digitally create a business model that will bring financial freedom to those who embrace it. And you are the agents of change in your community! C J Investiment was on the top list to supply quality resources and systems to speed up economic development and training needs. On 20 June 2020, C J Investiments Pty Ltd signed an MoU with Entrepreneurs Development Circles of Zambia to provide business development services that motivate beneficiaries and facilitators. As a Director of Business Development and Partnership for EDC/CJInvestiment, I provide technical, material and financial support. As a strategic choice partner, I am committed to contributing to Zambia's entrepreneurship development. I am involved in resource mobilization, galvanizing and coordinating Zambians in diaspora and other investors/funders interested in supporting global entrepreneurship development. This joint programme aims to develop an "entrepreneurial mind" among the Zambian people and the world for Job and wealth creation. We seek to augment the government's efforts in actualizing the vision 2030 and the programs as articulated in the 7 th National Development and subsidiary plans of making Zambia a Prosperous and Poverty-free Society with sustainable employment opportunities that guarantee wealth for its people. E-Learning Platform Since 2021, we have been working hard on this e-learning platform with the help of our Indian partners, which is one of the learning tools available to you. This platform will be your educational resource of "weekly series of the audio program, downloadable copies of course materials, motivational videos and mentoring sessions with me and other Professionals." In addition, you will be exposed to lots of great webinars with some of our world entrepreneurs around the globe, as well as blog articles, all built to help you navigate the core EDC/CJI features so that you can get the most out of our products. Let me congratulate you and welcome you to Zambia's most extraordinary entrepreneurship development programme. This entrepreneurship development programme is holistic in nature and design, standing on the following five differentiation pillars: a) Knowledge and Skills Acquisition; through training in entrepreneurship and small business management: b) Mentorship/Coaching; through community workshops and monthly meetings. c) Skills development; through industrial attachment and product marketing and selling d) Enterprise Development; through company incorporation and funding.' e) Solidarity and Networking; through a network of national entrepreneurship club members We are incredibly proud and happy to have you all as members of the EDC/CJ Investment Entrepreneurship development programme. You have shown the spirit of patriotism because this will help the government to implement its programme of human capacity development, diversification and growing the economy, creating jobs and wealth for its people. And Ultimately reducing poverty as articulated in the National vision 2030 and the 8th national development plan, as already stated by the guest of honour. The journey will be exciting and fulfilling as there will be many activities that you will be involved in. I encourage you to remain steadfast and committed to the end of the 12-month pathway to enjoy all the programme benefits and ultimately own businesses. You will be given a beautiful certificate to download and display in your business as evidence of completion of the course. As CJ Investment and Entrepreneurs Development Circles, we have the necessary requisites to realize this goal, including tools, skills, finances, and local and international networks. Your fellow group members and our district programme facilitator, including external visiting consultants, programme mentors and coaches, will be available to help you understand all entrepreneurship and small business management training contents. I must also state that you must not be intimidated by learning material, even if your literacy levels may be low. Do not feel shy to ask each time you are in doubt. What is very cardinal for us is passion, commitment and patience. These virtues will enable you to successfully fulfil the programme's demands and enjoy the ultimate benefit of owning a company. On behalf of the EDC/CJ Investment joint boards management, and indeed on my behalf, I now take the honour of presenting to each of you through the guest of honour with your official membership starter Kit and club constitution. These two will help you be recognized as a lifelong member of entrepreneurship and off to an excellent start to becoming company owners and job creators. Pose for 5 minutes to allow the DC to present the kits and the constitution By the power vested in me by EDC/CJ Investment joint board and management, on this momentous occasion to deliver a welcoming statement, I now declare you as having been inducted as members in your respective entrepreneurship clubs and subsequently in the EDC/CJ Investment entrepreneurship development programme on this _30th _ day of __July__ 2022. Congratulations!" AS I CONCLUDE MY SPEECH, I INVITE YOU ALL TO WATCH THE VIDEO ABOUT THE EAGLE MENTALITY AND DRAW SOME LESSONS FROM IT. OUR FACILITATOR WILL ASK YOU TO SHARE THE LESSONS ABOUT THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME YOU HAVE DECIDED TO BE PART OF. ENJOY THE VIDEO. The video is forwarded herewith. I THANK YOU. Charles Kaluwasha CEO and Director of Business Development and Partnership- EDC/CJInvestiment Second video Poor Daddy and Rich Daddy
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