Australia Radio Stations An Android App With No Ads, get australia radio stations online with no ads

Duration:01:41 min
Added:February 12 2020
Author:Victor Martinez
I am proud to introduce our Android Application Australian Radio Stations with No Ads. A lot of people find ads pretty annoying. That is the reason we decided to create this app with no ads. But since we finance the creation and maintenance of these apps with the ads revenue, we have placed a one US Dollar almost symbolic price. Why was Australian Radio Stations with No Ads created? This Radio Australia application was created as an entertainment and information tool for Australians outside their country, however, it also serves Australians who are living in their own country or for those who like the Music and news of what happens in Australia. What does Radio Australia With No Ads offer? In this version, Australian Radio Stations with No Ads has 2 categories of Australian radio stations: Classic Hits Radio Stations and Country Radio Stations with a total of 27 radio stations. In our next version, there will be some new Australian radio stations and new games for your entertainment. Your updates will be automatic, so, do not uninstall it from your smartphone, otherwise you will have to buy it again. Thank you very much for purchasing this app. We will be striving for you to make the most out of your money. Please do not forget to comment on Google Play and to give us five stars. That will make us more committed on creating a better apps for you. Yours Victor Martinez B
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