Memory Cloud

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Added:January 02 2023
Author:Brian Holland
Receive Photos And Videos From All Your Guests At All Your Events. Despite being a brand new revolutionary product, "MemoryPlace" is backed by a multi million dollar technology company called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) which is now in its 18th year of business. At GVO we specialize in developing web based tools specifically targeted towards trending consumer behaviors. Our idea for MemoryPlace comes from our own mishaps of hosting many public, local and Global events to have only been able to capture about 5-10% of the total venue. For many event hosts and planners we all know that creating and running an event can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wouldn't it be nice to capture as much of it as possible through photos and videos. Imagine the power of having 10's and 100's of guests working for you. Your guests will capture photos and videos anyway right? Why not be able to gather and collect everything that they take at your event! We thought it can be done and did it! By simply leveraging others (Guests – Audience members) that are at the same event or have been at an event or subjected to a Global event. We all carry cell phones so lets pier this technology and create a system that captures photos and videos that they all take. In the past trying to locate and find out who has what has created many frustrations. Until now with just one click we have eliminated it all. Now you can receive all the photos and videos that your guest or audience members take without ever trying to track any of it down. All media generated will fall directly into your MemoryPlace account! Create a Free Account and take us for a test drive, increase your MemoryPlace portal today!
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