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Added:February 26 2022
Author:Alan Bush
Major Training Topics A warm welcome to all our NEW Silver and Platinum VIP Members! Getting started. HELP without HYPE is what you can expect from George in these LIVE weekly interactive sessions. First steps, what to do, what not to do to build your business now and for YEARS to come. Lesson 3 so important to your success! Follow the training, do your promotions consistently, get results. Need help just ask! Master the promotion skills we teach you and you can grow any online business - so pay careful attention, stay focused. Want PROOF Worldprofit's System Works? You are the Proof. YOU are here because your Sponsor used Worldprofit's system. 27 Years in Business, 100+ services, software, tools all devoted to helping you start and GROW your online business NEW! Super Funnel System. DEMONSTRATION! George Kosch provided a demonstration of Worldprofit's newest innovation. Worldprofit's Super Funnel Builder allows you to easily convert any Affiliate Marketing or Product Page into an Ebook. Ebooks are very popular and a proven effective method to generate Leads, Associates while simultaneously building your list of potential buyers. What Worldprofit's Super Funnel Builder does: automatically INSTANTLY creates an Ebook from any Affiliate Marketing page automatically integrates your affiliate links into the Ebook instantly converts Ebook to PDF automatically creates a sign up page for the Ebook automatically sends email with download link for the Ebook automatically sends Welcome letter to Worldprofit's free Associate membership with login links automatic notification email goes to you as the Sponsor integrates with Autoresponder (if you have one) Option to integrate with Sqribble or any Ebook Creator Program integrates with Worldprofit's CB Promo Kit, Money Maker Kit, PLR Products, PLR Product Vault, Landing Page Builder and Ebook Cover Creator Makes it so easy to have a SUPER FUNNEL System without complex, time-consuming set up. Save time and frustration,
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