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Added:September 16 2022
Author:Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
We help our clients and investors find properties, zero in on great investment prospects and negotiate profitable acquisitions. All of the major cities in Australia and Zambia are covered by our extensive network of developers, agency sellers, mortgage brokers, and buyers. We have helped hundreds of professionals and first-time homebuyers acquire quality homes and start or grow sizable real estate portfolios. Our inspiration for building this e-Learning platform comes from a desire to help people achieve financial freedom so they can pursue their passions and make a good difference in the world. No matter how wild the markets or the economy get if you want to see how the wealthy build financial freedom with many income sources so you may emulate their success, enrol now! And if you're interested in learning the only 2 forms of "capital" needed to generate new cash flow and take charge of your financial destiny without having a tonne of money lying around to do it, we are here to help!
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