ZRN 16 Zoom Meeting 21st October 2022

Duration:00 sec
Added:October 21 2022
Author:Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
There was a general concern about failure to follow through suggested events, two cases in point: 1. Follow up on donation of books to Mufulira School of Nursing 2. Facilitation of presentations to nurse forums in Zambia ACTION POINTS 1. Irene Simonda to communicate the cost of shipping the books so we could know how much each should contribute 2. Irene Chilambo to follow up with Hilda and give an update on facilitation of presentations 3. Charity Nkalamo to follow up with Irene Malandu and Abbess on their previous needs assessment at Mufulira School of Nursing 4. Vincent to post information about the Angel Investment so we could decide whether to join the project to raise income for our group 5. Charity to follow up with Mwaka and Monde concerning opening of the ZRN 16 Bank Account
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