Student Accommodation Success Story

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Added:December 13 2021
Author:Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
in February this year, five Zambians living in Australia came together and decided to solve student accommodation in Zambia by investing funds into this new niche. They formed what is called Ichilimba Student Accommodation where each member contributed an equal amount per month toward this investment. They engaged a local Lawyer in Zambia to manage the undertaking. A developer was contracted to start the project in June. The project has progressed well and it is projected to be completed by February 2022 in time for the first semester. The five investors have demonstrated the power of working together, so much can be achieved in a short time when a shared vision and goals remain strong in each investor. As entrepreneurs, they are solving the student accommodation crisis in Zambia. At the same time, they are injecting jobs into the Zambian economy. Young youth with skills have been employed and are able to put food on their table and take care of their families.
Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
1 year ago

Shared vision and goals win, congratulations Team

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